Monday, August 20, 2007

Steve's Fishing Trip

My great friend David and I spent two days fishing in the Bay near Mobile, AL. Had a fantastic time, caught some of what we wanted (Redfish) and a lot of what we didn't (sharks, stingrays, catfish,ladyfish, etc). I'm convinced that being on the water is good for the soul. I'm also convinced that if you do so in 4-5 foot seas you'll end up seeing your breakfast again.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The "Klein" in Bethany comes out!

My grandma Gigi went up to the farm and brought back a bunch of sweet corn so mommy and daddy cooked me some. I loved it! Mommy gave me my own ear to chew on all during dinner.

My little buddy...Oscar

I love chasing Oscar around these days. My favorite thing to do is use my new stool to climb up on the "big" chair and give Oscar kisses.

Dinner with Family

Me and Mommy went to Birmingham for a quick visit this week. We went to the Japanese restaurant for dinner and I posed for a quick picture with my Aunt Laura.