Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bethany's 2nd Birthday Weekend

Bethany turned two July 11th!! It's just too hard to believe! We started her birthday with a trip to Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari with Nah Nah. It was too much fun! You drive through the park, feeding animals that would get in the car with you if you let them! It actually got a little scary at times. We didn't even roll down the windows for the "Guar", the huge animal in the 2nd pic. That night we celebrated with Bethany's closest buds at Burger King. It was a Nemo theme of course! Bethany wouldn't blow out her own candles but she had a great time on the playground, her favorite one to play on here in Columbus. The next day we headed down to Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, because Steve had a band gig there, so we had a little mini family vacation. It is definately all the traveling I want to do though!! I'm getting very big these days and I pretty much just want to be in a pool or on the couch with my heating pad!!! We all can't wait for baby Klein to be here!
Thank you to all our friends and family for making Bethany's birthday so special this year. We love you!!

Wild Animal Safari

Burger King Birthday

Ponte Vedra Beach

Steve's band

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun on the 4th!

Our 4th of July this year included travel to Birmingmham for a barage of family reunions, fireworks, birthday celebration (Bethany on the 11th), and the always anticipated visits with family.

Potty Training

Yes, we're deep in the trenches of potty training, which means the potty goes everwhere with us, as does a healthy supply of gummy bears.

Beach Trip

Had a great week at at the Beach the last week of June with Steve's parents, brother Phillip, and Nancy and Ben Anderson (Steve's Aunt and Uncle). Got a lot of great pictures, so I'll post a few day I'll spend the time to figure out how to incorporate an album to e-blogger.