Saturday, August 30, 2008

The absolute cure for a long day...

Saturday, in the park...

This first one is actually not the park, but Bethany practicing her big sister duties.

Waaaarrrrrrr Eagle, Hey!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Awaiting Baby Klein's Arrival

Well, we are now about 10 days from the big due date!!...Bethany can't wait for her little brother to come and Steve and I can't wait to experience raising a SON!!...
Pregnancy is such a wierd thing; i am surprised to be so close to having Klein here but at the same time it feels like i've been pregnant forever!!...I'm having a lot of pain that i didn't have with bethany but i'm also not having the symptoms of labor being close that i had with bethany, which is a little scary; am i going to go beyond my due date while being in such pain??????????? Oh well, he'll come when he's supposed to :)
This will probably be our last post until Klein gets here, and even then, you might see birth announcements before you see blog updates!...Until then....

fun recent pictures

who says i can't use my hand as a palette? might want to turn around now Steve!
Our little monkey with her Papa

I told Bethany to go get clothes and shoes on so we could walk Oscar; this is how she returned :)